Pahawang Lampung

Pahawang is a small island in the southern part of Lampung. It is famous for its mangrove conservation. Yet tourists can also find beaches with calm tides and clear green sea water  with rich ecosystem which is suitable for snorkeling. Currently it’s being developed by an organization called Mitra Bentala as an ecotourism destination.

How to reach Pahawang:

If you come from Bandar Lampung, drive along the southern coast until Dermaga Ketapang (a dock) in Pesawaran, Padang Cermin. If you come from Kiluan, go to the direction of Bandar Lampung and you’ll find a small dock called Dermaga Perantian (see the picture or ask local people). Park your car there and ask the locals if there’s any boat going to Pahawang Island (if you decide to come to Dermaga Perantian, I know someone who can take you to Pahawang Island from there, send me an email for his contact). You may have to rent the boat for two way trip or pay per person. It will take you about 1 hour from Ketapang and 45 minutes from Perantian.

If you come from Java Island, it is very recommended that you arrive in Lampung in the morning as the road you’d have to take is lampless and prone to weaponed-thieves. If you arrive at dawn in Bakauheni Port Lampung, you will be able to reach Dermaga Ketapang in the afternoon.


Use travel agent service then you won’t have to deal with stuffs like finding the right way, getting out of gas in the middle of nowhere, or blaming your friend for driving carelessly  on the off-road track.

Travel agent recommedation

Mitra Wisata is an organization under the wings of Mitra Bentala which takes care of organized tourism activities in Pahawang. They offer trip packages. Contact them at Jl. KH. Ahmad Dahlan No.33 Pahoman, Bandarlampung, Phone : 0721-262839, Fax : 0721-262839, Email :

What to do in Pahawang:

If you decide to enjoy the island on your own, you have to set a camp (remember to bring food supply or get some from the nearest village). The best spot to set your camp is in Pahawang Kecil or in a French guy’s villa area (ask the boat owner or other locals to take you there). Don’t expect any locals to offer you tourism services as it seems that except Mitra Wisata, no one else has tourism business going there. In Pahawang Besar you can see mangrove forest and villages. In Pahawang Kecil you can do snorkeling (you’d have to bring your own equipments).


Trust the travel agent. Just follow the itinerary and worry about nothing. Hint: snorkeling and mangrove forest.

Total Cost Estimation :

Gasoline cost from Jakarta with a 11km/ltr fuel consumption car: Rp400,000

Two way Ferry ticket from Merak Port to Bakauheni Port Lampung: Rp465,000

Two way boat service Dermaga Perantian-Pahawang Island (per boat): Rp300,000

Using locals’ bathroom (the amount is voluntary): Rp50,000

So assume that there are 7 people going by one car, it will cost around Rp175,000 per person. Meals are not included.

*These are estimation, don’t be so tight. Bring cash, there’s no ATM in the island.


Package of 2 days trip (including meals and cottage accommodation) will cost around Rp350,000 per person. Package of 1 day trip costs Rp175,000 per person.

*This is subject to change. Contact Mitra Bentala for most recent details.

What you will find in Pahawang:

If you’re heading to Bandar Lampung from Kiluan, you will pass this small dock. You can go to Pahawang Island by hopping on (rent) local fisherman’s boat.

You should be clear about where you want to be dropped off in the Pahawang Island, or else the fisherman will take you to beach in front of his village.

Near the mangrove area in Pahawang Island, you’ll find the sand is naturally in this shape. Credit to the big red ants (watch your step).

Set your tents in front of the French guy’s villa.

In front of the villa. It’s supposed to be the French guy’s private beach, but he’s not there most of the time. No one is there.

In front of the French guy’s villa. Here is the quiet side of Pahawang Island’s beaches.

Front view from the villa area. The sun is setting. Here you can enjoy silence. Just the sound of nature.

But then again, what matters is your travel.